About Me.

Frontend Developer, Speaker, Trainer.

I'm Domenico Gemoli, a goal-driven developer with a passion for sharing knowledge.

I've been working with web technologies since 2010. Currently employed by Booking.com, the world's leading accommodation website, I'm responsible for the frontend of our famous experimentation tooling, and training developers on coding best-practices and end-to-end testing.

In the past few years I've grown a passion for acting and public speaking. I studied acting at Teatro Puccini for 4 years while in Florence and I'm an active member of Toastmasters.

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What I Can Do

Frontend Development

From NodeJS to the browser, if it has to do with frontend or javascript then rest assured that I'm gonna love it.

Public Speaking

I can't help it - I really enjoy talking in public. Give me a microphone and a stage, and hope I don't start singing.

Training Developers

In 2016 I taught high school students the basics of web development. Ever since, I've been using every chance I get to teach.

End-to-end Testing

It was love at first sight, we met in 2015 and ever since it has become my obsession. Official collaborator of NightwatchJS.

Automation & CI

Automate everything! I get a thrill out of automation and giving developers confidence through continuous integration.

Technical Writing

Most developers will turn their nose away when asked to write documentation. Give me an empty README file and I'll make it shine.


Where I've spoken

Upcoming Events

Considering a few options for 2019. Please check back later!

Past Events

Frontmania, Utrecht NL
ITNEXT Summit, Amsterdam NL
International Open Recognition Day, Bologna IT

Check out my slides on Slideshare.


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